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  1. C

    Connecticut 10 gallon E-Herms system

    10 Gallon E-Herms system for brewing beer. This is a Kal Clone, with a 30 amp/220v brewery control with 2x5500 watt elements. Included is 2 fast fermenters with wall rack and floor stand, hop spider, plate chiller, stainless mash paddle, and 2x5gallon kegs.Has worked great for me for years...
  2. N

    BrewDog Boss Got Huge relief

    On social media James Watt release statement: 'For the past two years I have been the subject of vicious and relentless campaigning, often through account sharing and the spreading of outrageous lies. it's about me (when it's usually family and family. friends) - this lie is spreading all over...
  3. J

    Resources on building a brewery and further studies online

    Hi there, are there any good resources out there which give all the technical side of how a brewery is all put together? There are so many things that are not really covered in general discussions. Its always mostly about the brewhouse, fermenters etc. What about CIP process, CIP setup, grain...
  4. Viszla

    For Sale 20 Gal SS Brewtech / Blichmann hybrid electric brew system

    Fantastic 2 vessel electric brew system, like new. Includes an SS Brewtech 20 Gal Kettle with a 5000w Blichmann Boil Coil, SS Brewtech whirlpool valve, etched markings, and welded tri-clamp fittings. There is also a tri-clamp fitting on the lid which will make it easy to add a steam condenser...
  5. Jaurez

    Converting garage into brewery in China

    Hi all, I'm going to convert a garage into a brewery and could use some advice. The garage is ground-level with doors at either end. It was previously being rented out to some people for storing construction materials, so I need to add new flooring (tiled) do something to the walls (I've been...
  6. H

    For Sale Keggle electric system for sale - Athens, GA

    I have three keggles set up to be a boil kettle, mash tun, and hot liquor tank. Wired for 120v but can easily be wired for 220v. Parts included can get you going with brewing but it's definitely pretty basic as-is and could be a lot more than I don't have the time or space for. Happy to answer...
  7. jordanpace

    For Sale 1BBL All Electric Brew Machine - DFW/North East Texas

    1 bbl RIMS all electric brew system. 3 MARCH pumps, plumbed with copper and stainless valves. Uses BCS-462 to control brewing operation. iPad touch screen for interface. Blichmann kettles and Heat Exchanger. Lots of extras not listed, but feel free to PM and ask. Includes 2 false bottoms for...
  8. farmskis

    Georgia $500 Electric Brewery HERMS, Fermentation, Kegs, Carboys etc.

    I am downsizing my house and just no room or time for this hobby so I am selling my brewing equipment. I built it from the ground up by referencing the “electric brewery site”. I do not have pictures as it is in storage from moving. It is in excellent shape. Includes: 3 ss kettles- not sure on...
  9. gordol

    Colorado For Sale, Denver, CO: $5000 - Custom built stainless steel electric induction HERMS brewery setup, includes EVERYTHING!

    Custom built stainless steel HERMS brewery setup, includes... Built this myself, it's a legit setup. Custom built HERMS system 10 gal BK w/ 3000w induction 10 gal HLT w/ 1800w induction 10 gal MT w/ custom made stainless steel false bottom stainless steel bulkheads, valves, and thermowells...
  10. #p3brews


    ". . . looked over the wall and peeped my neighbor's sick new brewery. Bro, he said he can turn water into beer!"
  11. G

    Setting Up A 50 Gallon Home Brewery In Portugal

    After many years of working overseas in hot climates, my wife and I agreed that we could never settle back in the UK again with its predictably dismal climate. There followed a lengthy process of elimination regarding our eventual retirement location. After considering and rejecting far-flung...
  12. M

    Overview of Land Grant Brewing, Columbus OH.

    Back in 2012 there were only 5 craft breweries operating in Columbus, OH. This wasn’t many for the 15th largest U.S. city during a time that craft beer was taking off. Nonetheless, a homebrewer living in Chicago and a fellow Ohio State University alum came together to try and add to Columbus’...
  13. M

    The 3 Square Meter Brewery

    Okay, you live in an apartment; But what if you don’t want to have to brew in the kitchen and hide away your toys afterward? What if you wanted to have a dedicated home brewery? That’s my case. We live in a flat. Luckily we have two restrooms – one is supposed to be a ‘guest’ restroom, though we...
  14. A

    The Brewmasters - Brian Faivre Of Deschutes Brewery

    Austin: How did you start brewing? Brian: I started brewing in college: beginning with a mail order kit, then moving onto an extract kit from a local homebrew shop in Santa Rosa, CA, then finally transitioning to all grain brewing. Quality Ingredients Are Important When Brewing Quality Beer...
  15. V

    Northwest Craft Brewery Primer

    Here in the Northwest, we're pretty hardcore about our beer. Breweries are popping up constantly because there's a constant demand for the stuff. Our craft breweries are top-notch, showcasing some of the most innovative ideas and dedicated enthusiasts in the craft. Beer! What A Great Way To...
  16. L

    21 Temperature Tactics You Need to Know Right Now

    Nobody disputes the importance of temperature control in brewing. Are you acing all aspects of temperature control, from the brew day to the pour? Check out these tips from some of San Diego County's top brewers to see how your best practices measure up, or to get ideas for your next homebrew...
  17. M

    Do We Really Care Who Makes Our Beer?

    Today, choices abound for beer enthusiasts and plain old beer drinkers alike. Choice is generally a good thing, though it is getting tougher to keep up with all the new options. The craft beer segment is still ablaze and forging new territory. Brewers achieve rock star status among the craft...
  18. B

    Should New Breweries Have A Dump Fund?

    Should new breweries have a "Dump Fund?" It's becoming more and more common... Whether I'm out trying a new brewery in my town or while I'm traveling... I get excited for the experience, order a pint of whatever sounds good, and take a sip. My brow furrows and my lips make a disapproving...
  19. J

    10 Most Badass Craft Brewery Logos

    10 Most Badass Craft Brewery Logos Making your homebrew look as professional as possible will impress your friends, and could make it taste better--the mind can play tricks on us. Would you rather have your buddies drink your beer from a plain brown bottle, or would you prefer to show off an...
  20. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft A Brewery Tour

    On a hot summer day in the late 1960s a friend of mine asked me to go for a ride and tour the Budweiser Brewery in nearby Newark NJ. I instantly agreed to go, what better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than cooling off inside one of Americas largest breweries. We had no idea then how beer...