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  1. M

    Texas 30A Brewery Control Panel - $1500

    I'm selling a brewery control panel that I've been building over the last year. I'm close to completing the build but just ran out of time before a personal move is forcing me to sell it. It's mostly functional and I know someone with electrical savvy will be able to finish it off with minimal...
  2. A

    Virginia The Electric Brewery 240v 50A Controller

    Got this from a local brewery who has since moved onto a commercial system. This is from it's his 240v 50A back to back for a 30gal+ panel setup. It runs for $2900 on the site. I was going to use it because I thought I was going to have a brewery room, but life got in the...
  3. TimBrewz

    Oregon SOLD BCS 462 complete system with thermistor probes, wireless router.

    This system works perfectly. It controlled my electric brewery for 3 years. I have decided to change course with my brewing, and so I am parting with my BCS. Asking $200. I'm in Portland. Will ship for standard rates. Cheers, Tim