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  1. M

    WTB Brewers Edge Mash and Boil

    Looking to pick up a used mash and boil that someone no longer needs or doesn’t used. Either pump or no pump option. Houston TX
  2. J

    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil Temp control issues

    So today was my first brew on the M&B system. I got the system as an easier alternative to traditional BIAB for winter brews. Overall I have been impressed by the unit. I did tests before today, and it brought my water up to temp in a very reasonable amount of time. However, while I have many...
  3. stone1ipa

    Transition from Extract to All Grain- Equipment recommendations

    Hey guys.....I'm taking the leap from extract brewing to All Grain and I'm torn on what equipment to buy. I don't know whether to buy the traditional all grain kits or simply jump up to more sophisticated equipment such as Brewers Edge Mash kits or the Grainfather. Another option would be to...