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  1. J

    ESP Brew Engine

    I would like to share my latest project with you, I made a new control system for my brew kettle, as the built-in control had way too much overshoot and was not very practical all together. It is actually a complete software/firmware for an ESP32 controller, which you can connect to your WiFi...
  2. Whisky River

    Wanted Brewers Hardware Jacketed Conical Fermenter

    Kind of a long shot, but I’m looking for a Brewers Hardware jacketed conical fermenter in either the 8 gallon or 15 gallon size. If anyone has one they don't use anymore or is looking to move up to a larger size, please let me know. I travel a lot and can do local pick up in lots of different...
  3. B

    Jacketed Conical

    I’m looking for a jacketed conical. I’d consider 7-8 or 15 gallon. From what I can find Brewers Hardware, Stout, Glacier Tanks and maybe Brewha are the only ones making jacketed conicals for home brewers. I’ve looked at buying new from Brewers Hardware but was hoping somebody may be looking to...