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  1. C

    First brewers best kit

    Hello, I’m new here and to home brewing, March 5th I brewed the 2018 HopNog kit by brewers best as my first beer and it is about 12hours into being in the carboy so I’m just wondering if this looks okay, thanks!
  2. D

    Home Brew equipment for sale Misc

    2-#20 Aluminum Co2 $70 each 1-#10 $40 1-Dual tap Stainless Steel (new) $80 1-Single tap Chrome (New) $50 1-Micromatic triple gauge secondary 0-60 psi (new) $100 1-Brewers Best home brew kit with many extras (new) $180 includes $300 plus in equipment.
  3. Aestiva

    Why would this belgian become really bitter?!

    So I brewed the Brewers Best Belgian Tripel. My O.G. was 1.070, a little less than desired, but I thought not enough to cause an issue. I pitched the supplied yeast which I had started in one cup of cooled wort. I put it away at about 70deg. It cooled by the am to about 65deg. By three...