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  1. A

    Help with fermentation problem

    In running into a problem with a sour beer I’m brewing. I decided to try a new yeast my local brewers shop got called Sour Pitch. After 36 hours and no action in my bubbler I did some research I read that the yeast needs to ferment between 86-103 degrees but I have to ferment around 70. My...
  2. M

    Stroopwafels in secondary

    I was planning on doing a dragons milk reserve replica, and was wondering what you guys thought about putting stoopwaffels in the secondary. If so any ideas on cooking them?
  3. R

    For Sale Ss brewtech

    For sale ss brewtech 15 g fermenter it’s clean and sanitized . Outgrew it and no longer need . Available for pick up in Bay Area CA. Looking for $200 obo , I no longer have the insulation sleeve everything else is good to go .
  4. hybrid__MIND

    For Sale MoreBeer Premium Home Brewing Kit (BNIB) - Houston, TX

    Brand new, In Box. Never opened. Amber ale ingredient kit with yeast included. $230 The Premium Homebrewing Starter Kit has everything you need to brew! Included in this beer brewing starter kit is a massive 8.5 gallon stainless steel brewing kettle, 7 gallon Fermonster fermenter, copper wort...
  5. W

    A pressure controlled fermentation vessel?

    Hello everyone! I'm hope I'll be forgiven since i'm not brewing a standard brew. I'm working with milk... I know, right? Anywho, I was wondering if anyone knew how I may go about fermenting my milk in a pressurized canister that i could possible control? Don't want it exploding on me (Jesus...
  6. S

    I need your help

    Hello my fellow Brewers, My colleagues and I are working on a project that involves brewing and we would greatly appreciate if you could help us out. We would just require you to complete a survey that I will post a link of below. Thank you very much and best regards, Saeed...
  7. Bertkrawl

    "Crazy" Idea!

    Hey everyone, New member & first time posting. My father-in-law called today with a crazy idea for a batch of mead. He had a question that exceeded my knowledge of the process. He gathered his honey (orange blossom) and his yeast (unknown) from a brew shop in Austin, Tx. For the water he wants...
  8. S

    9 Gallon Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank with Herms Coil and Sight Glass

    9 gallon direct fire hot liquor tank with Herms coil and sight glass. This tank is has the obsolete style of HERMS coil which has a small diameter and less BTU exchange than the new model. It has minimal scratches on bottom(shown in pictures). Located in the Portland, OR area. Can be picked up...
  9. seanberger

    Houston, I might have a problem?

    Hello All, I started my first batch of kombucha on the 23rd, and I am thinking something went haywire. I submerged all of my equipment into boiling water, along with using said boiling water as the main component of water for my batch (after it cooled down of course!). Used my starter tea...
  10. M

    Food & Brew Pairing #1: Pan Seared Salmon with American Wheat Ale

    Pan Seared Salmon with American Wheat Ale Hello, my name is Matt O'Reilly and I'm a HOMEBREW ENTHUSIAST! I have been brewing for a little over a year, but I have been drinking beer for a little over 15 years. Of those 15 years, 8 of them have been spent pursuing new (to me, or otherwise) beers...
  11. M

    Tips for Brewing Big Beers

    Brewing high gravity can be a daunting task, but I think you'll find that key practices from brewing great low-ABV beer also apply, with a little tweaking, to the high-ABV realm. As such, the tips in this article will apply to all the beer you make. What is a Big Beer? Being "big" is a part of...
  12. WhoZiT

    Japanese Beer Server/Dispenser

    For those of us living and brewing in Japan, you know that space is limited and supplies can be hard to find or very expensive. Japan typically has their own way of doing things, and beer servers/dispensers are no exception. Instead of chilling the whole keg, these draft systems consist of a...
  13. diS

    HERMS Brew Station

    At the moment I decided to build HERMS I got two kegs and plastic bucket. I decided to use bucket for HLT only temporary, but with time it turned out as cheap and functional solution, it is made from HDPE(High-density polyethylene) which can withstand higher temperatures (120 C/ 248 F for short...
  14. jester5120

    Plating Yeast & Selecting Colonies

    I've seen several articles on this site about the proper way to slant yeast but haven't found one that shows the process of streaking yeast onto a plate and selecting individual colonies. This is the method I use. It's not flawless and it certainly has room for improvement but it's cheap and...
  15. CiderOnTheCheap

    Cheapest Way To Make Cider

    Hello all! I'm new to this whole homebrewing thing, and I'm also a starving college student in the midst of his undergrad program. As such, and as someone that highly enjoys the sport of drinking, one night my friend and I decided we should be able to make our own cider for less than $30.00...
  16. Cyclman

    Zero To Sixty In Eight Months

    I have been a craft beer fanatic for most of my adult life. I remember when I paid a whole seven dollars for a six-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager, and my mind was blown. If I had all of the money I spent on craft beer in my bank account, I could be driving a fairly nice new car. My new life...
  17. tone_s

    DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller

    The following steps are how I made a immersion chiller for cooling my brew fast for pitching yeast. No need to to pay $100 bucks. Things you will need: Standard head screw driver 25' 3/8" copper tubing (some use 50' and you would follow the same steps) 4 hose clamps 3/8" ID clear plastic hose...
  18. lemy

    Temperature Issues Beyond Reason

    Early this morning I brewed a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. This is the first 12-gallon batch on "my" system. I possess a 14.5 gallon conical fermenter, so why not fill it? Since it was my first big batch, it was not without problems and a lot of learning. I learned a valuable lesson about combing...
  19. SaevaVeritas

    Creating A Weldless BIAB Brew Stand For Cheap

    I started homebrewing last year, and as the amount of equipment I used grew, I found the amount of time that I spent hauling stuff up and down from my basement was rivaling the amount of time I spent brewing (not to mention the number it was doing on my back). Additionally, due to my particular...
  20. jOitheboat

    Free The Nitro!

    I've been brewing off and on with various levels of focus, excitement, and regularity over the last 15 years or so. Over the years, my tastes have swung between sessionable low gravity stouts to hop overdose IPAs and all the way back. I've had a kegging system for a long time and have often...