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  1. L

    Adjusting House Water For Brewing

    Hey All, First time poster here. I have been home brewing for a few years now but still consider myself as a nube to the hobby. Overall I have been happy with most of my beers but want to capitalize on the overall quality of them. My next goal is to improve and understand water quality for my...
  2. D

    How Important is Water to your Brewing?

    As it pains me to say this, I think I have unintentionally become a water expert. I have been a process engineer for many years and in each process I have supervised, there has been some form of water treatment. However, when I started brewing I did not include water treatment for the first...
  3. J

    How to adjust water profiles

    Hello, I've been brewing on and off for years but have finally decided to up my game by modifying my brew water. I've found a lot of tools on-line but I find them all difficult to figure out. So here's my starting profile. Town water run through a charcoal filter: Sodium 34.26 mg/L...