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  1. AntDoctor

    From wort to serving: What are the disadvantages of this lazy brewing setup?

    As I lay awake last night, insomnia running wild, I spent a long time thinking about the laziest (and cheapest) brewing setup that I could possibly imagine. It's not quite automated, but it does remove most of the headaches I experience post-boil. Let me hear your thoughts on this possible...
  2. J

    All in one or tradition 3 tier

    Hello Guys and Gals. I have a bit of a conundrum which I would like you opinions on as I'm very new to this but just know il soon be very addicted. so 5 years ago I started buying my converted stockpots, I got my HLT and my thermo Mash Tun, both 70l and ended up injured at work. Long story...
  3. A

    5 Inspiring Brew Rigs!

    Its inspiring to see how others are executing their vision of brewing. Brewing is unique in that there is no one way to brew, hence all the varying styles, regions, ingredients and recipes. Brewing is what you want it to be. Some of us a bucket brewers and will never have to move on. Through...
  4. A

    Six More Brew Rigs!

    Way back in April we took a look at one of the more popular features here on HomeBrewTalk, the Brew Setups Registry. If you havent visited this section, go check it out. This is where our membership lets us know more about their brewing rigs, and it gives us an opportunity to stare with longing...
  5. A

    Top Five Brew Setups!

    There's a fine line between jealousy and inspiration and it's typically based on what I can afford. If you're new to HomeBrewTalk, or maybe you just never looked up, we have a section dedicated entirely to brew setups. You're not a dog. You can look up. Many, many members have shared their...