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  1. hybrid__MIND

    For Sale MoreBeer Premium Home Brewing Kit (BNIB) - Houston, TX

    Brand new, In Box. Never opened. Amber ale ingredient kit with yeast included. $230 The Premium Homebrewing Starter Kit has everything you need to brew! Included in this beer brewing starter kit is a massive 8.5 gallon stainless steel brewing kettle, 7 gallon Fermonster fermenter, copper wort...
  2. tateconcepts

    PicoBrew PicoPak Brewing - General Discussion

    I was reading across this forum and found that several members continued to reference a Facebook group page for discussion on the PicoBrew system. The purpose of this thread and discussion is not of the PicoBrew itself (nor any marketing/PR), but of the PicoPaks available by microbreweries and...
  3. xeerohour

    Questions After First All Grain

    Hi everyone, my name's Zach. I've been a lurker for a while, and finally got around to actually registering an account. I want to begin by saying thank you for all the excellent information I've found on your site, but I had trouble finding specific answers to a few things. First, a bit of...