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  1. J

    Georgia Peachtree City Brew Club

    Hello friends! I'm somewhat new to the PTC area, and I have a LOT of brewing equipment. A trailer full in fact. Everything needed to make a full-sized keg of all-grain. And no one to brew with. I have scoured the forums enough to know: 1) there's other brewers around here, and 2) that there is...
  2. M

    Foolproof recipes?

    I have 10 one gallon jugs, and want to have a brewfest at my work. Planning to offer my coworkers a chance to try brewing something at their desks. I personally find it soothing to have a carboy airlock bubbling within my line of sight. Going to offer them to try: Joe's Ancient Orange Mead...
  3. M

    Maryland HELLO...Hello...hello

    Looking for Brewers in the Ft Meade area who would like to get together and do some things. IE. Brew beer, talk about brewing beer, not brew beer, not talk:tank: about brewing beer, swap beers, swap ideas...basically just get together and BS. HMU! :mug:
  4. Eichelbergerbrew

    Anyone in/around Greensboro NC interested??

    Hey everybody, I am fairly new to homebrewing and to the website, but I would love to try and find some people to brew/swap beers with and maybe start a bigger "club" kind of thing going in Greensboro. I know of the Battleground Brewers but I feel like they are much bigger group of brewers...