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    Speeding Up Brew Day

    Most of us are strapped for time. Jobs, family obligations, household chores, and other activities compete for our precious time. Brewing is a hobby, which by definition is "an activity done during one's leisure time for pleasure." Unfortunately, we all don't have the same amount of leisure time...
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    3,2,1 - A New Frame Work for Developing Recipes

    After most of us have a few brew days behind us, and possibly a few beers in our belly, we get the bright idea that we can make a stellar recipe...on our first try. As I like to say, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile." However, chances are that squirrel is not you! First Recipe...
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    Beer Math with Brett Shegogue

    As I mentioned in my Recipe Setup article, it is nice to utilize brewing software so you don't have to make complex calculations. While this is true, some of us would like to know the formulas behind those calculations. Knowledge of your formulas is useful for making adjustments on-the-fly, or...
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    Brew with Shegogue Part 2

    We last left off by adapting a known recipe to our brewing system. Recipe setup can be done at anytime, but I see a lot of benefits for completing this stage of the process a week or more ahead of time. I think we have all had those impromptu brewdays that ended up having many types of, shall I...
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    Brew with Shegogue

    This is the first article in a series entitled 'Brewing with Brett.' The series will detail Brett's approach and execution of brewing a batch of all-grain beer. Almost every aspect of crafting a brew can be dissected and discussed. In this series Brett will delve into some of that minutiae...
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    Navigating HomeBrewTalk by Harnessing the Power of Google

    Search the forums and you will inevitably come across new threads asking the same questions over and over. Another certainty, a frustrated user will state something along the lines of "This has been answered millions of times, use the search function!" Avoiding the issue at-hand (Remember...