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  1. luis.salas

    Ideas on a 100% Brett project

    Hi, I made my first 100% beer, a Farmhouse ale inspired in this recipe. I'm planning to bottle next week, so I'll have a nice yeast cake fresh to use (I know there are discussions about this, but I've done it many times always succesfully). I guess the brett strain is B. claussenii, due to the...
  2. G

    100% Brett C. Necessary cell count.

    I'm planning on trying my first 100% brett beer soon. I've got 2 packs of Wyeast Brett C, so 200 billion cells. Pitching brett as the only yeast requires lagering rates, which I've read is 12 million cells/mL. According to my (possibly incorrect) math, it would require 270 billion cells to...