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  1. Emmanuez

    16 gram CO2 cart. recommendations?

    Hello, fellow home brewers. Any brand suggestions for 16 gram, THREADED, food grade CO2 cartridges for a mini keg? I keep seeing some on Amazon for inflating bike tires that say they’re food grade but people in the comments say they are not, so I’m a little confused. Any recommendations will be...
  2. frankvw

    Dry yeasts identified - your opinions please!

    For a variety of reasons (hubris, a few beers and more curiosity than is good for me) I have taken it upon myself to try and work out what's really in those packets of Mangrove Jack's, Muntons, Morgans and other dry yeasts. What set me off was the fact that I have learned that Brewcraft...
  3. N

    Badge mount?

    Looking for a badge mount for my cold brew and nitro cold brew I am building. Do you know where I can find this? I already have the badges. 159BE031-6E4D-496B-B30D-1F9B82E846C3 by NitroBarista posted Sep 19, 2019 at 11:43 PM922ED979-8DA8-4623-81EB-C11187410945 by NitroBarista posted Sep 19...
  4. frankvw

    Dry yeast production labs?

    There is a number of dried yeast brands on the market. The biggest ones are of course Fermentis and Lallemand/Danstar. Then there are the smaller ones: Mangrove Jack's, Brewferm, Coopers, Muntons, Mauribrew and probably a few more. Now those "small guys" don't produce their own dry yeast but...
  5. THRobinson

    What type/brand of labels do you use?

    Just wondered if anyone had any feedback on what to use and what not to use for labels? For example, is AVERY any good or do they peel off too fast? Any other brands? Stickers vs glue? etc... Once I finally settle on a name/style, I'd like to have some colour laser prints done (since ink from...