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  1. bellatorius

    Butterscotch Braggot Bochet (Butterbeer)

    The BBB! I've just put this fermenting and it's bubbling away like a mad thing. Calling it a Bragott is a little bit of a push as it's more of a mead with malt added for body. Anyway here it is: 5 gallon batch. Ingredients: 7.15kg honey 500g light golden DME 1.5kg Oat LME 40g chinook hops...
  2. RiccoStar

    Rye Braggot - how far can I go ?

    From what I've searched it's not widely explored doing mead/ braggot with rye grain, but this quarantine has convinced me it will be a great idea lol. On top of that I want to use Brettanomyces (I know I'm crazy). What I'm looking to get feedback on is how high % can I go with rye on a braggot...
  3. A

    Brewing A Braggot - Meads Combined with Malted Barley

    Some of you, when you saw this article knew exactly what you were going to see. Others of you, probably saw the word braggot and wondered, “The heck’s a braggot?” I admit, less than a year ago, I fell squarely into the second camp. Before I started home brewing and reading books about the...
  4. D

    A Marriage Of Beer And Mead: Braggots

    A Marriage of Beer and Mead: Braggots Crisp, malty, and maybe hoppy beer; combined with aromatic, bright floral honey. Add a bit of carbonation (or maybe not) and what do you get? A braggot. A braggot is a type of mead that also uses brewing ingredients like hops, malt, or both. They are...
  5. S

    Sour flavor in a braggot?

    I'm a newb. Been brewing mead for 9 months or so, just a handful of batches. Discovered LME and have two 1 gallon braggot brews. One is very sour and I have no idea why. It's got: 1# Briess Dark LME 1# dark maple syrup 1 gallon strong chamomile tea Lalvin BM4X4 yeast chopped raisins Looks...
  6. SKBugs

    Braggot first attempt

    G'day folks, I want to try my hand at a braggot and was wondering what people thought about the following recipe and method: 3 pounds honey 3 pounds DME (light malt) 8 ounces hops (generic variety - maybe fruity) Nottingham Yeast (prepared with starter) Boil DME in about 2 gals water for an...
  7. E

    Newbie Braggot Recipe

    Let me preface this by saying I'm a total newbie at brewing beer and mead. I've had success with a few kits and now I want to try and create my own braggot recipe for a 1 gallon batch. The goal would be dry and strong ABV with subtle citrus flavors. I know you guys get a ton of these requests...