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  1. Summa_Brewologica

    Liquor I didn’t even know I liked

    (Is there not an entire liquor section in this forum?) I’ve always been a whiskey guy. Particularly scotch and bourbon. Not sure why but I just felt compelled to buy this Remy Martin 1738. Never delved into brandy or cognac but man…what have I been missing all this time??? It has an extreme...
  2. E

    Soaking Oak Chips in Bourbon for Secondary

    I recently brewed an 8% Christmas Ale with some added spices and about 2 weeks into fermentation its tasting great. I've been pondering the idea of taking half of the 5 gallon batch and adding oak chips soaked in maple bourbon from a local distillery. I think that the oak chips soaked in bourbon...
  3. T

    Emulating Bourbon Barrel Aging

    If you love barrel aged beer like I do, you have probably thought about brewing a big beer and adding those wonderful barrel flavors to your beer. Aging your beer on wood will add some complexity to your beer and introduce some great new flavors. Aging in a barrel is the most recognized way to...
  4. W

    Coffee Infusion

    I plan on making my take on Potosi Brewings - Border War. its a bourbon barrel coffee stout. I've got all the ingredients I plan on using, except my coffee. 2 things I'm not sure of... 1. How Much coffee to use 2. Ground or bean coffee I've got an idea of the type I want to use, but am open to...
  5. tsholl

    Getting Bourbon Flavor Without Additional Alcohol?

    I am brewing "Dragon's Silk" from Northern Brewer. I brewed it before but it came out really flat, I think I killed all the yeast with the high alcohol; the beer itself was 9.7% and then the kit tells you to add the bourbon as well as the bourbon-soaked charred oak cubes. I did a quick...
  6. C

    Oak Cubes

    Hi, I’m about to begin brewing my first Imperial Stout and am planning on using oak cubes soaked in bourbon. I’ll be making a 5 gallon batch, but my question is how long do you keep the oak chips in the secondary, how much do you use, and do you pour the soaked bourbon in as well or do you drain...
  7. SmokeyRydr

    How much whiskey?

    due to a timing failure on my part, I kegged 5g of a strong belgian before it finished. the resulting beer is only 7%. i want to add some whiskey to bring it up to about 8% and add some bourbon notes. are their any guidelines for adding whiskey to increase gravity?
  8. Magnum25

    Bourbon barrel newbie

    Thinking of buying a newly emptied bourbon barrel from a local distillery. Is it feasible to put 10 or 15 gallons into a 25 gallon bourbon barrel or is that just looking for trouble?
  9. crusader1612

    The Old Fashioned Bourbon Cocktail

    Here's the Crux of it. I recently entered the world of gentlemans cocktails, namely the "old fashioned" an old fashioned is as follows: "The Old Fashioned is a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, originally whiskey but now sometimes brandy, and finally a twist of...