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  1. J

    Bourbon/Coffee Stout

    I looked through a few old forum posts, but there wasn't much info on this, so I thought I'd ask again: I want to bourbon barrel age a stout, but they're a bit expensive and impractical for me to try right now. I've also wanted to add coffee beans to a stout. Thought I'd kill two birds. I have...
  2. Franktalk

    Charred Pieces of Oak in Barrel; Will They Settle Out of My Barleywine

    I resurrected a whiskey barrel that I'd had for a couple years. It looked clean--no mold. I had some grains to get rid of, so I made a barleywine and figured I'd put it in the barrel and ad to its character by barrel aging it. I soaked the keg with almost boiling water to rehydrate and swell it...