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  1. Clezik Grem

    Is this a viable method to make mead?

    For mead I've heard that other fruit can be used during fermentation. When should the fruit be added? I tried adding cherries in the beginning , but I'm not sure if that could cause infection. I added some of my previous mead in beginning to provide yeast and more importantly to prevent...
  2. gingergreenie

    Would I Notice Harmful Bacteria in Fermented Liquids by Taste, Smell

    Cheers, I've been trying out home brewing for a while and had some good result with bottle fermentation. To better control the fermentation process, I wanted to go bigger this time and let the fermentation process finish before bottling with some priming sugar. So I made a fresh ginger bug...
  3. M

    I may be getting to lax with this hobby.... And I've got some questions!

    Okay, so I have made many different wines/hooch/distillates and I just realized I may have just recently made a mistake trying to save some homemade syrups from being wasted. After finishing my newest vodka distillation and racking my cranberry wine, I decided I would try and mix these drinks...
  4. H

    My can seems swollen...

    In cleaning out my late father's house, we came across a GW Kent Personal Brewery, still in the box, with a can of Mahogany Coast Canadian Ale extract. I wonder if I could make a batch for homebrew for dear old Dad, but would not want to call it Botulism Bitter. 1. I cannot find any date on...