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  1. luis.salas

    Ideas on a bottling bucket

    I’m making my own bottling bucket and I was guessing if it would be better to put a valve in the bottom of the bucket instead of a spigot and a dip tube on the lower part of it. Obviously, I’m trying to minimize losses when bottling. Does anyone has any idea or experience with this? Thanks!
  2. jeffceo24

    Bubbles out of No-where While Bottling

    Hi Guys, first time using a bottling bucket with spigot yesterday. This was a pale ale that was in the fermentor for 3 weeks. As I was bottling via gravity feed using a bottling wand, a number of small bubbles were coming through the hose and into the bottles. I was getting nervous because I...
  3. oneawesomeguy

    Using Bottling Bucket to Ferment and Fermenting Bucket to Bottle?

    I just watched the Alton Brown home brewing episode (see: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/alton-brown-homebrew-you-tube-46677/). He does so many things wrong, but one thing I thought was interesting was his choice (maybe not intentionally) to use the bottling bucket to ferment the beer. After...