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    Is 1 whole pack of Brett or mixed culture too much for 1 gallon of wort?

    I want to make a 5 gallon batch of let’s say saison then split it into 5 one gallon jugs and pitch 5 different commercial mixed cultures or select Brett strains packs into each jug. Like 1 pack of Wyeast Roselare into one, 1 pack of Omega All the bretts into one , 1 pack of Bootleg Biology Funk...
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    Russian River Bottles (for dregs) - where to buy around Sunnyvale?

    Hello everybody! I would be grateful if someone pointed out the best (or any) place (craft beer store) in or around Sunnyvale to get some Russian River bottles (their Belgian Ales stuff) so that I can harvest some dregs for Brett and Bacterial use. Thanks and cheers! ~D