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  1. Kekshiukaz

    Bentonite + bottle carbonation?

    Hey, I made hard cider and planning to use bentonite to clearify it. Also thinking about bottle carbonation. My question is: Does bentonite affect bottle carbonation and is it possible at all?
  2. RileyOG

    Newbie SG/Yeast/Bottle Bomb Question

    I have a batch of fortified cider that started out at 1.07 SG and finished off at 0.988 SG. (10.76 ABV by my calculation) I kept it in a 3 gallon carboy for 62 days and then bottled it in 32 oz swing-top bottles. I used Nottingham high performance ale yeast which I believe has a 14% ABV...
  3. gache435

    Carbonation and Maturing on Bottle

    Hello, I am brewing a new zealand pilsner and in the recipe tells me to bottle the beer after the first fermentation (10 days at 18 C), priming it for 7-10 days and then maturing it for 10 days more at a range of 0-5 C. Up to this, Can beer be matured inside the bottles after carbonating them...
  4. JstnMoyer

    Over-Carbonated Bottles & Volume Adjustment

    My brews keep coming out over-carbonated. About a month after bottling, my beers are so over-carbonated, that I have to pour them in larger beer glasses and give them a good stir with a spoon to release some of the bite so I can enjoy them. This has been the case with 7 out of 8 batches. I...
  5. R

    Carbonation Issues

    So I currently have 2 batches currently bottle conditioning and they have been for about 2 and a half weeks at around 70F. Of which I used 1cup of dextrose for priming with just enough hot water to dissolve it all and when bottling would give my beer a stir every 6-8 bottles as I do with all my...
  6. DanInSydney

    Bottle carbonation fix

    Have been bottle carbonating a batch of Ordinary Bitter since around 4 weeks and 2-3 bottles didn’t carbonate. Any tips to avoid eating them. I guess maybe some extra yeast then sugars for carbonation, but I’m just concerned about bottle bombs!
  7. DanInSydney

    Is my beer carbonating?

    Just bottled my first batch & carbonated using carbonation drops. I plan to leave them for a few weeks to condition. I was wondering is there any way visually I can tell if my beer is carbonating as it should? Waiting 2-4 weeks to open & find out if it’s actually worked is a killer! Can I just...
  8. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Can beer keep carbonating after fridge?

    Hello guys, I've been homebrewing for almost 2 years right now, I have always bottle condition my beers but recently I found after a year or so of not having any over carbonated beers that two batches were over carbonated. On the first batch, it was over-carbonated from the beginning, my second...
  9. P

    Bottle carb/pasteurizing skeeter pee

    Posting this here rather than the wine forum. Has anybody successfully done the Pappers sweetening/bottle carb/stovetop pasteurization method with skeeter pee? I swear I’ve searched the entire internet and this forum and can’t seem to find any success stories. One anecdote about getting very...
  10. jeanzanita

    Question re. Final alcohol % and bottle carbonating

    Hi, I've been wondering about how to determine the actual alcohol % of my final cider after back-sweetening with apple juice (to 1.005 S.G), allowing it to carbonate, and then pasteurizing. I do the usual O.G. minus S.G. to determine the final alcohol %; but it struck me that by the addition...