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  1. P

    Asking for a bottle bomb?

    I am going to make a mango-wheat beer that uses 2 quarts of Mango Nectar in a secondary fermentation vessel. Am I asking to make a bottle bomb if I prime this like a normal beer? My concern is, will the fruit nectar have sugars that will already carbonate in the bottle? Will adding additional...
  2. Turtletank

    Hefeweizen over carbed?

    Just bottled 5 gallons of hefeweizen and i opened one 24 hours later and it's looking like i over carbed it. I put in 3.2 volumes of CO2 which equaled 12 tbsp. I didnt have a problem last time with the same amount. Maybe it didnt finish fermenting? It ended in 1.01 started at 1.044. Can i fix...
  3. B

    Bottling CO² Vol limits theory

    The reboot is never as good as the original. And I know this has been asked so many times. I'm here for a discussion about the following. I kind of wish this subject had previously received a definitive answer to the question. (I think it's important to say I'm in the UK and have access to...
  4. P

    Irish Red Ale with higher than expected FG = bottle bomb??

    First time brewing and it was a lot of learning I brewed an Irish Red Ale, but forgot to take an OG. Recipe said 5-7 days primary fermentation but I did 10. I took a reading and it appeared to be 1.016-1.017, while the recipe says 1.014. I know now that I should have taken multiple readings...
  5. J

    Stuck Fermentation... Help!

    So this is my 4th brew. The first two went swimmingly. The 3rd one I had an issue with the brew not reaching its FG and the same has happened on my 4th brew. The 3rd one I ended up throwing away so don't want to make the same mistake here.. I've done some research and I'm putting it down to...
  6. NobleNewt

    Bubbles from the Bottom: A Single Bottle Anomaly

    Hey Y'all.. Bottled my kind-of-kolsch last Monday. Reached FG of 1.011 with Omega Voss Kveik. Cold in the house, so I put one case on top of a heating pad to increase the temp and hopefully hasten the conditioning process. This morning, pulled out my trusty canary-in-the-coal-mine Topo...
  7. frankvw

    How to deal with overprimed beer

    I brewed two Belgian big beers (one dubbel, one tripel) using WLP504. This is a yeast that likes to take its time and continues to attenuate the wort/beer very slowly for many weeks after you think it's done in the fermenter. Think 1 gravity point per week or so. (Anyone else have the same...
  8. J

    My cherry chocolate milk stout no good?

    This is my 4th home brew. I decided to get creative.... I got the 1 gal chocolate milk stout kit from craftabrew I decided to add 1lb of cherry puree to 5 min left of boil. Og was 1.070 Fg was 1.030 I let it ferment for 3 weeks. I soaked the nibs in 3 oz of vodka for 5 days. Then added after...
  9. piojo

    Can I pasteurize or sulfite a bottle-conditioned hopped drink?

    I dry-hopped a batch of mead, but the fermenter had way too much headspace. I only dry-hopped for a day and a half, then mixed with extra sugars and fresh yeast and bottled. There is way too much oxygen in the mead. This stuff will have little shelf life. I can feel carbonation after 18 hours...
  10. henrikson

    Am I facing bottle bombs?

    I brewed an amber ale recently with 2 friends, our first time using an all-in-one brewing system similar to brewers edge mash & boil. I've done a few stovetop AG batches before, without major problems. However, this time our control over the mash temps was way off. The control panel showed temps...