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  1. R

    Carbonation Issues

    So I currently have 2 batches currently bottle conditioning and they have been for about 2 and a half weeks at around 70F. Of which I used 1cup of dextrose for priming with just enough hot water to dissolve it all and when bottling would give my beer a stir every 6-8 bottles as I do with all my...
  2. U

    New Here Bottling Issue

    So I started brewing a couple months back so my experience isn't massive. But I've read John Palmer, and try to stick by "the book." In terms of all the brewing literature/knowledge I've obtained as far as proper procedure. But with that being said on to what I am sure is a "noob" problem...
  3. PHayward81

    First time cider (wild and crab apples), bottle carb'ed, tastes yeasty... bottle aging?

    Hi, first time poster and first time cider maker here. I'm an all-grain brewer who wanted to try a cider from wild apples growing around my property. The question: My cider has been in the bottle one week (I know that's way too young) but it has a yeasty, bread taste. Will this resolve from...
  4. DrinkinSurfer

    Should I bottle it or keep it in the fermenter?

    My first brew is currently sitting in the primary right now. It is a Belgian Ale and is 8 days old. My OG was 1.063 and my current SG is 1.014. I wouldn't dare bottling until I make sure that this is in fact my FG. I was wondering if it would be better to: A) leave it in the primary for an extra...