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  1. Andrew Hodgson

    Sour Weapon P

    So I have been taking a look at if there is a practical, potentially fast pedio strain to use that gives a bit more complexity than lacto but without waiting the normal 12 month minimum for pedio/brett fermentations. I read through the MTF Pedio page and ran across Sour Weapon P from Bootleg...
  2. Andrew Hodgson

    Bootleg Biology Chardonnay

    I picked up Bootleg Biology Chardonnay last fall and am finally getting around to using it soon. I am getting some Savignon Blanc wine juice and going to take a stab at a wine/beer hybrid sour. I wanted to see if anyone has used this yeast for beer or wine and get their thoughts. My first...
  3. blackelbow

    Bootleg Biology Aurora Kveik

    Anyone else brewing with Bootleg Biology's new 'Aurora' strain? I bought a pack in their first pre-order for the strain and picked it up the other day. Today, I pitched it--at 95F--into a 1.055 wheat beer wort (made from DME, to skip the trouble of an all-grain brew when testing an unknown...