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  1. Bobbaugh3


    anyone have any books to expand ones knowledge on mead? I have looked into “make mead like a Viking” and I might pull the trigger.. seems current and there is a bit about wild fermentation in there.
  2. formerlymandoman

    Just uploaded my ebook "A Good Hobby, Mashed: A Journey from Homebrewer to Craft Brewery Owner"

    Some of you long time HBTers may remember me as mandoman. I was on this site a lot in the late 2000s and talked a bit about opening a brewery. You can still find a bunch of those posts but I don't have that email any longer and couldn't log in. Well 9 years ago I did it, and I have compiled the...
  3. C

    Best Brewing Books

    I'm curious what you guys think are the best books on brewing - what are your favorite reference texts? What about best recipe (clone or otherwise) books? What about in depth texts on single styles? In my own experience, Papazian's "The Joy of Homebrewing" has some great information, but...