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  1. J

    Accelerated BOMM Experiments

    Bray’s one month mead (BOMM) thread had me fascinated in accelerating fermentation as soon as I stumbled upon it at homebrew talk. The entire idea is centered around the fact that mead generally takes longer to ferment, clear, and age because the yeast are stressed to a greater degree than what...
  2. Gentle Jesus

    Signs of infection or just krausen?

    This batch of mead is only 1 day old but seems to have a big bubble in the middle with, I hope, krausen on it. I have made mead before but have not gotten this before. A big bubble seems to form and then pop and form again and again. I do not notice any bad smell either. Also I am using WLP 570...
  3. Gentle Jesus

    Seeking potential mead BOMM diagnosis for fermentation problem

    Hello, I have recently started making mead because of the mead BOMM recipe due to the quick turn around time, however I was not successful in this endeavor and cannot figure out why. I have come here seeking the assistance on the issue in hopes of getting it resolved. Here is the link to the...