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  1. GrumpyAndGrey

    Decoction/Maillard reaction in a Cider

    With the increase in crossovers of various types of brewing, I began thinking about making a cider using a common method in Pilsners and other styles. Especially older German beer recipes call for a decoction mash to be done, with one result being the production of melanoidins. These create a...
  2. M

    Sparge Water Formula

    Hello, does anyone have a complete batch sparge formula that includes the following parameters?: grain absorption dead space desired wort volume grist mash volume boil off during boiling (so we know what volume of wort we should have before boiling) Here's a formula I've been using so far...
  3. object

    Boiling with copper wool?

    Recently, I read an article on the traditional Norwegian home brew technics Heimabrygg, Vossaøl, Hardangerøl and Sognøl – The Farmhouse Homebrews of Western Norway - Brewing Nordic. The author describes the long open-fire boiling in a copper pot. As it claims, copper drives Maillard reaction...
  4. luis.salas

    When talking about boiling, is it actually boiling?

    Ok, this is a reaaaaally newbie question. I'm almost ashamed of posting it. But, I'm not sure about this. When we talk about 60min of boiling, do I have to start taking the time when the wort actually starts boiling or it goes since I put the pan on the fire? Thanks and sorry.
  5. Jonnynz

    Forgot to mix brew extract in boiling water..

    Hey guys, Just made an extract brew (mangrove Jack's craft series single hop simcoe IPA, if you fancy looking it up) and I am concerned I've stuffed it up.. First I put 3 litres of boiling water into fermenter. Then added the mangrove syrup extract to that water. Then added the dextrose. And...
  6. M

    Priming solution without boiling

    I was looking around and didn't find anything about this. So i have bottled water so i was wondering if I could skip boiling the priming solution or is it for more than just sanitation purposes? Thanks all a RAHAHB
  7. beervoid

    Softening water by boiling it.

    I was told one could pre-boil the water to make it softer. Is there anyone here who can tell how much ppm of which minerals will go down this way? I"m especially interested in getting the sodium which is 100ppm in the water lower. If anyone has suggestions besides diluting with soft water (ro or...