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  1. beervoid

    Difference between HIGH mash + dextrose vs LOW mash

    If I brew the same beer with same ABV and FG. But I mash one very high and then add some dextrose to bring it down to the same FG and ABV vs just mashing lower. Would there be a difference cause of the higher amounts of dextrins or would this be obsolete as the beer is dried out by use of dextrose?
  2. beervoid

    Kettle finings and the effect on mouthfeel. A little vs a lot.

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has ever noticed any substantial difference in mouthfeel when brewing a high adjunct (oat, wheat) beer when using whirlfloc or irish moss in the kettle. I was also wondering if using very little whirlfloc would drop out less proteins. Cheers
  3. ARaces23

    T H I C C Stout recipe?

    I haven't brewed anything new/solo in quite awhile. Used to brew with a neighbor, but he's off the sauce now. We brewed lots of IPAs/APAs, and never ventured too big. Looking for an all grain stout recipe that will be 12% plus & thick. Something that will stand up to possible adjuncts. Cheers!
  4. F

    Mash temperature and dextrins

    Hi! I have a question regarding mash temperature. Usually I do a single infusion mash at 153F but recently I tried doing a rest at 147F for 60 min and then a rest at 158F for 20 minutes. After I had done this, I was wondering if the low mash temperature rest was too long for the high...