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  1. tjz827

    For Sale Brand New Grainfather G30 Version 3 - 110V

    Brand new in box Grainfather G30 Version 3. This is the new model with the rolled steel mash plate and updated mash basket that doesn’t have the center pipework. I received this as a warranty replacement from Grainfather after I encountered the melted plug issue on my old unit. Not trying to get...
  2. hout17

    Sold Blue Tilt Hydrometer V3

    Up for sale is a Tilt Hydrometer. I am the second owner and it works great just don't need it. Not sure how much time the battery has left on it. Comes in original box. I will accept Paypal for payment. $100 + $5 flat shipping fee. SOLD I'll be shipping from Colorado.
  3. mdeaves

    Tempo Disc Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

    Has anyone had any luck with one of these to monitor fermentation temperatures? I was intrigued by the Tilt or iSpindel, but then I realized I don't really care that much about SG during fermentation...
  4. micraftbeer

    Perfect Pairing- Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer + Inkbird WiFi Temperature Controller

    I've been using Tilts for a while now and am absolutely sold on them. I use them specifically to keep track of fermentation progress to decide when to adjust the fermentor temperature. When I saw that Inkbird came out with an ITC-308 WiFi controller, I had to check it out. And as expected, it...
  5. L

    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    Hey Folks, I thought I'd share this with everyone as I think it would be useful to others out there that like to tinker. I had posted a long time ago about my eBIAB setup here: I have gone a few...
  6. K

    Tilt Wireless hydrometer and thermometer

    Is anyone using one or more of these? My wife is always on the lookout for Christmas gifts and thought this might be a good addition to my wine making equipment. However everything I’ve read refers to it’s use in beer worts not wine musts. The convenience and detail look pretty impressive but I...
  7. kyt

    Kentucky Grainfather Connect - new

    Hey guys, I have a Grainfather Connect, just sitting in the box unused. Box is opened, I inspected for damage and account for all parts, but has not been used. Its in the original white shipping box with all appropriate packing. No pictures, its in a box so, I'm sure you know what the thing...
  8. micraftbeer

    Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer Detailed Review

    I just finished my hands-on review of the Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer. This wireless baby drops into your fermentor and then broadcasts Specific Gravity and temperature readings over Bluetooth to an App running on your smartphone or a tablet. I tried this out just from the "cool tech"...