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    Adding blueberries to the boil?

    Recently rediscovered home brewing after about ten years, oh my have things changed. Thanks hipsters 👍 anyway! I want to make a beer with blueberries, i have a freezer full and more on the way. I don’t have a secondary vessel yet so won’t be able to make an berry addition during secondary...
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    First Adjunct Brew Watery Before Conditioning.

    Hi everyone, I just bottled my first ever brew with fruit additions in the form of lemon peel in the boil and frozen blueberries in the fermenter. It was a 5 gallon basic IPA extract kit, I boiled for 60 minutes with the lemon peel, fermented for about 9 days, then added about 3 lbs of...
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    How to reduce rack loss?

    This has come to my mind as I am planning a blueberry melomel in the near future, but I've encountered this problem before. I have been unfortunate in not managing this problem well because I didn't have the foresight to see it until it was there :/ I have a peach melomel that cloged the heck...