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  1. J

    Just learned the importance of a blowoff tube...

    Made a 5 gal batch of Thunder Cookie Gingerbread Stout and set it in the garage. Was bubbling nicely before bed, but blew in the night! I think I got it under control, but if it was exposed for a few hours is it still good? There aren’t any bugs in there, I checked. Got a tube rigged once I...
  2. V

    CO2 Capture

    Need y'all to reaffirm or poke holes in this for me..... I ferment in corny kegs and have been thinking about ways to save on some CO2. I'm not looking to replace my tanks or anything but since so much CO2 is produced during fermentation I was thinking why not capture and use it for stuff like...
  3. Kanonen80

    Blowoff Tubes and PET Carboys

    I have a couple 5 gallon PET carboy's that I need to use for primary fermentation. The opening fits a #10 stopper, so the normal 1" diameter tubing I have is out of the question. I've seen some people using some smaller tubing right in in the stopper opening - is that really the best/only...
  4. thelusiv

    Mead question: head space?

    How much head space should I leave in my fermentation vessels for making mead? I know with beer I should have about 1/5 of the batch volume of space to leave room for kräusen even with a blowoff tube. I've read a lot about mead making but haven't a good idea of how much, if any, kräusen is...