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blown off krausen

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  1. Iowa Brewer

    The Iron-Man of Yeast!

    Hey all, Funny story to share, and maybe it's more common that I think. Made a witbier Saturday with a low post-mash gravity, so I added 1 lb. of DME and ended with a spot-on target OG of 1.04. Decanted my 1L yeast starter, pitched, and popped the 6gal of wort in the fermenter and went on with...
  2. Oude Brouwer

    Lost yeast in blown off Krausen?

    Hi Everybody. I have just started brewing at home about 2 months ago (all grain). Three days ago I brewed my first 20 Lt of Hefeweizen. I made a starter to get around 330 Billion cells of Wyeast 3068 (297 Billion were required according to BradSmith Tool) but I did not read the manufacturer's...