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  1. M


    Hi, I'm justin from Washington State. I've been brewing for 10+ years. Over that time I've made 80ish batches, been president of two homebrew clubs and most recently, started a beer blog. It's . It's all about continuing and updating the work of Ray Daniels book Designing...
  2. chrisanderss0n

    A new weekly roundup of the five best links in beer

    Hey fellow brewers! I have been brewing since 2012. My first batch was an all-grain IPA recipe (that was drinkable!) - followed by at least 5 failed beers after that. One of the beers I even got the great idea to put curry in :/ These days I brew on a 10 gallon 3 vessel all-electric HERMS...
  3. BrewersJourney

    Documenting my brew days

    I've been writing blog posts about the different homebrews I've made so far and it's actually become quite the list! If you're interested please do take a look. I include the recipes as well so maybe you'll find something that sounds good to you too! :) Homebrewing a Belgian Table Beer...
  4. HomeBrewMasterRace

    New Project - Honey Mango Hefeweizen

    Hi All, I'm working on a new beer recipe and was interested to see what you all think. It's currently fermenting so it's going to be more of an explanation so we'll see how this goes. I started out with 7.5 lbs of American Wheat (american because i started making it on the 4th) 3 lbs of...
  5. t-bag

    New Blog Plz Visit

    Hey all just started up a brewing blog. im looking for advice/input. Go check it out its pretty cool.