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  1. Michael L Collins

    Should I Blend?

    I have a (1 Gallon) Cherry/Cranberry wine starting at 1.146 ABV and is currently (as of 12/31) at 1.048. It seems to be continuing to ferment but just barely, and it's way sweet. When I started this, I had some left, and I wanted to make a wine with no added sugar, so I added it to a 12 oz of...
  2. Phil_Ozzy_Fer

    Blended Yeast Strain

    Hello All, I'm brewing today (hooray!) and am trying a yeast I've never used before. Its a blended saison yeast. Information below: ---- Old World Saison Blend A characterful blend of two classic Saison strains. Produces complex fruit and black pepper notes along with a reliable, fast and...
  3. T

    Question on blending

    I made 2 batches of cider this year and was curious about tips on blending fresh & fermented cider. The first batch is about 4 gallons and has been racked multiple times and fermented to dryness, and my plan is top off the carboy with a gallon of fresh cider from the most recent press to...
  4. G

    Late Addition Brett: For Homebrew and Commercial Beers

    I'm interested to know if people have experience of opening bottled and fully carbonated beers to add Brett to them at a later date? The inspiration came after a recent batch of Tripel turned out pretty poor; however, at the time of bottling I put aside 6 bottles to which I added dregs from a...