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  1. B

    Removing methanol taste (via evaporation?)

    This is NOT about distilling. I do not want to distill anything. In my previous batch of blackberry wine, I foolishly didn't add pectic enzyme, and it was also just generally unstable, and it seems that the high pectin content of the blackberries made a bit more methanol than is paletable (yet...
  2. B

    Started secondary in separate containers, only some of them halted fermentation, why?

    I tried moving my 5 gal batch of blackberry wine to secondary fermentation in 5 separate 1 gal carboys, it's a little over a week later and it looks like one of them has nearly completely stopped fermentation (though it was the runt, only filled it to about two thirds of a gallon), and one of...
  3. J

    JAOM adopted to other fruits? Blackberry Vanilla Mead.

    I’ve made Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead recipe several times and I’m a huge fan of how simple it is. I’ve dressed it up just a bit (prestarting the yeast and using yeast nutrient in place of the raisins) but after three gallons of orange spice over the last six months I gotta say I’m a little sick...
  4. cburley

    Help with a lavender Meadowfoam mead for my Fiancée

    I am relatively new to mead making and wanted to do something special for my Fiancée for the holidays and our wedding next year. We both love mead, and have both shown interest in making mead in the past, so I thought that I would brew a special mead for the occasion based on things that remind...
  5. MaxTheSpy

    First Batch Of 2019

    I started 3 batches a month apart so that I could have a constant list of things to do rather than doing a lot all at once. My blueberry and blackberry mead was ready for tasting and I'm very happy to report that it is quite good. Below is part of the post I made on my website. If you want to...
  6. Jonas Nielsen

    Backsweetening/flavoring blackberry wine (Beginner questions)

    Hello! I've been doing my first brew with a batch of blackberries, from what I can see the more experienced users here tends to only use the berries and don't add water. My ratio was closer to 1kg/1kg/3.4L for berry/sugar/water. So somewhat thin, but it was what most recipes i found at the time...
  7. sharpie44

    Trying Juniper, blackberry and two orange test batches.

    I haven't made mead in about ten years but I had a lot of honey left over this year from my bee hives and decided to make four one gallon test batches to see if i wanted to make more next year. All of these used Lalvin D47 yeast, yeast nutrient, yeast energizer and enough water to get up to 1...
  8. S

    Attemptin Melomel

    Hello all, I'm looking at creating my first melomel though I need some help/advice if anybody is willing to do so. I am looking to make a 1 gallon batch of plum and a 1 gallon batch of blackberry. So question number 1. When making a melomel do you have to take into account the natural sugars...
  9. thisissami

    Ruh-roh... growth on my blackberries =/ Best steps to move forward?

    Hi All - looks like I've made a serious mistake by not stirring the blackberries after I closed the lid on the primary fermentor (I had a towel for the first 5-6 days and was stirring the blackberries 1-2 times a day in that period). It's been 2 days since I last stirred, and I just opened the...
  10. thisissami

    Blackberry Sanitization Question

    Hi Everybody, I'm about to get started on my very first batch of Blackberry Melomel. I had a question related to ensuring that the blackberries I add to the mead won't ruin the batch. I picked these berries myself over the summer. I collected several KG of them... ate a bunch in the summer...
  11. E

    Is this going to suck?

    Gonna make my first ever stab at a fruit wheat soon, and am trying to put together my recipe. Not very practiced with all grain, and am taking a generic weizen recipe from Papazian and modifying it slightly. Take a look; let me know what you think. Thanks! 7lbs Briess 2-Row 3lbs Weyermann...