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  1. V

    Color Question (Blackberry and Raspberries)

    So I have a 9 SRM base beer that is being racked onto blackberries and raspberries (20 oz even split for a 1.5 gallon batch). I am hoping for a purple / pinkish color but am scared my base beer was too dark. Any thoughts or experience? Also bonus points, has any one achieved layered colors in...
  2. SteveHeff

    First Sour (updated pics)

    Hi everybody. November 1, 2018 I brewed a 70% Pilsner 30% wheat beer and fermented it out with US-05. Nov. 8, 2018 I tossed this 5.5 gallons on top of 43oz of blackberries and pitched WYEAST 3278. It’s been a slow process, just waiting, since then. Today, I popped the top to sneak a sniff...
  3. Angus MacDonald

    Blackberry Cider

    So much like my blueberry cider question, how many blackberries would you guys use for a 12L batch? I picked about 1.3kg/2 1/2lbs of lovely fresh blackberries and I'm gonna make the cider tomorrow.