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  1. B

    Ginger Bug Mold

    Hey all, I’ve been working with a ginger bug for nearly two months strong. It’s been delivering on some really fantastic ginger beer, but has recently developed some black spots on the bottom. I also noticed with the last batch that it had me racing to the restroom after every glass. I thought...
  2. B

    Is my dry stout too "simple"?

    Hi all. I recently put together a keg setup and thus revived my beer brewing motivation for the first time in 3.5 years - great! I'm almost through the first keg and I'm looking to brew a quick turn around beer. I like roasty beers so the dry stout seemed like an obvious choice (roast to mask...
  3. Phil5150

    Need advice :) First Beer

    Hi everyone, first sorry for my bad english, i'm french. I'm 19 years old ( don't worry in Quebec is 18yrs legal age Ha ha ) I just started Brewing, and i need few advices. I brought Black rock Mexican lager from my local brewery store with IO Star and PBW cleaner. I read everything on the...
  4. masonsjax

    CDA recipe feedback please

    Some are calling it Cascadian Dark Ale, others seem to take offense at the implied regional claims, or don't think it's different enough to warrant it's own style. Whatever your feelings on the matter, I'm intrigued by it and would like to make one. Here's the recipe that I have come up with*...
  5. alexnphillips

    Our brand new tower

    We just finished building our brew tower. Her name is black betty. Four tier gravity fed system. Let me know what you think. Its posted on my brew partners website.