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  1. B

    Black IPA Dark Fruit Hops

    Hi everyone, I'd be grateful on your thoughts on this as I'm still relatively new and I don't want to commit any obvious shockers. Cheers in advance: Golden Promise: 71% Munich: 12% Carafa Special III: 9% Caramunich III: 8% Hops I'm currently thinking: Tettnang as bittering hop with a bit of...
  2. D

    Brew Better BIPA´s

  3. ghast

    First Black IPA recipe thoughts?

    All grain, boil: 7gal... batch: 5gal 2-row malt (11lbs) caramel 40L (1 lb) blackprinz (1lbs) carafa III (1lbs) centennial (1oz) @60 centennial (1oz) @20 galaxy (1oz) @5 galaxy (1oz) @0 el dorado (2oz) @dryhop (5days) yeast: safale us-05 any comments?