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  1. Fermentis

    Ready for your next Homebrew Competition? 🍻🏆

    Hello everyone! If you're an homebrewer, you have probably participated once to a homebrew competition or you're currently thinking to do it, it's a good way for our community to collect feedbacks about our last brews and to have an impartial judgement. But do you really know how your beers are...
  2. S

    The Meadmaker's Corner: Categorizing Your Mead

    When I started looking into making mead it seemed so very simple. Dump some honey in some water, add some yeast, ignore it for a while, and tada! Nectar of the Gods in your bottle. And sure, you can get mead that way, but as I started researching, I found a whole lot more information on the...
  3. C

    Studying for the BJCP Exam

    So you want to become a beer judge? Good for you! Not only will you be helping yourself by expanding your knowledge of beer, brewing and sensory evaluation but you’ll be helping others improve their brewing as well. An admirable goal! But how do you go about becoming a beer judge? You must first...
  4. D

    Where Is Your Place?

    Over the past year my brewing experience has flourished to new heights. I went from a 2-year brewing hiatus to completely rebuilding my brewing system and process within a few months. I went from a minimally active brew club member to an Officer of Education in a new club. And I went from...
  5. O

    How to Design a Homebrew Recipe

    How to Design a Homebrew Recipe So, you've brewed a kit or two, and it came out pretty well. Or perhaps you've followed a few recipes from books or websites, and have been pretty happy with the results. Now, though, you are ready to create a beer that is your very own. But where do you start...
  6. B

    The Road to Becoming a BJCP Judge

    Picture this - you come home from work and grab the mail. You are excited to see a manila envelope from the coordinator of the homebrew competition you entered a few weeks prior. This is it! You are ready to receive the glowing reviews of your finely crafted malt beverage. You open the...
  7. B

    The Road to Becoming a BJCP Judge

    Picture this - you come home from work and grab the mail. You are excited to see a manila envelope from the coordinator of the homebrew competition you entered a few weeks prior. This is it! You are ready to receive the glowing reviews of your finely crafted malt beverage. You open the...
  8. Gregory T

    Zombie Dust BJCP

    I am brewing a Zombie Dust clone for a friend. (I don't drink bitter beer). I brew Belgians exclusively, but I thought it would be fun to try something different. Anyway, Id like to enter it into our local contest, Brewer's Cup, assuming they hold it. I am also brewing from a kit for the second...
  9. V

    BJCP Help

    Waited to long to ask this but I have print the labels today..... I have an imperial milk stout with coconut, vanilla, and Rye Whiskey soaked Oak Chips in it. I am struggling with where to enter it. Here is what I narrowed it down to: 30 A - Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (coconut is...
  10. snarf7

    What BJCP category for a juicy lager?

    Nothing crazy with my malts, mostly Pilsner and Vienna but I had lots of late hop\whirlppol additions and a 1 1/2 oz dry hop to finish it up. It's not a juice bomb but it has noticeable citrus aroma and flavor. I'm not seeing anything in the lager categories that would permit this. Is it...
  11. artichoke

    California Common Competition Results

    In this post I share the results from entering my first blog subject into the 2019 Canadian Brewer of the Year competition circuit, and discuss how I would improve the beer next time I brew it.
  12. pabrimmer

    competition categorization question

    Hi, all, I'm entering my first competition, the beer is an oatmeal milk stout that I've brewed 21 times since Jan 2018. There's a bit of variation from batch to batch, but the one I'm submitting came out like so: OG 1.073 FG 1.024 IBU's 22 ABV 6.43% I thought I should enter it in category...
  13. B

    Thought I had a Scottish Wee Heavy Ale (BJCP?)...

    but upon reading I saw that Peat Smoked Malt was not acceptable in this style and the abv is way too high. Can anyone advise what style the following recipe should fall into? Thank you! 10 Gallon batch and 7.92% ABV 30 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 1 2 lbs Amber Malt (22.0 SRM)...
  14. Bender_Braus_Brewing


    Not sure if this is the right forum (didn't seem like any forum really fit the description) and if this isn't relevant at all, feel free to delete and let me know in PM... But I was wondering if anyone has become a judge through BJCP and done all of that? The exam, etc. There is a local group...
  15. NordeastBrewers

    Minnesota 2018 Nordeast Brewers Alliance Homebrew Compeition

    The 2018 Nordeast Brewers Alliance Homebrew Competition is open for entries through Friday, November 30. For those in Minnesota, you can drop off at Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, or Brew & Grow -- or check the registration page for mail-in entries. Judges, stewards, and volunteers are...
  16. TooDeadBrew

    What's the BJCP Style for Beer/Wine hybrids?

    Just made a beer with 49% wine must, would this be simply a fruit beer for a BJCP competition? The guidelines don't specifically mention grapes, so just making sure. To further complicate I split the batch and added dried hibiscus to a portion of the secondary. Would this be experimental...
  17. blackelbow

    BJCP Style Dashboard

    Hi there brewers. I made a little excel dashboard that shows charts and graphs of key info for the BJCP 2015 beer styles, including comparisons for average values over all the styles. Others have probably done similar things, but I couldn't find them on HBT. I was unable to post the spreadsheet...
  18. Y

    NHC Results

    This is my first year entering beers into NHC. If judging ends tomorrow, when should we expect results? My beers were entered into NYC region.
  19. I

    BJCP 33B Question

    Question for you seasoned competition folks/judges out there. For 33B Specialty Wood Aged Beer Category my local competition gives me this The entrant MUST specify the additional alcohol character, with information about the barrel if relevant to the finished flavor profile. The entrant MUST...
  20. Oktober

    Visual Reference Charts for Beer Styles and Yeast

    Hey All, I’m not exactly sure what got me started on this, but over the past month or so I’ve been leisurely building a series of charts displaying the BCJP beer styles and their parameters. Maybe I’m just a visual learner, but by seeing everything laid out in such a way, I appreciated some...