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  1. beervoid

    Best way to work with co2 extract (hopshot)

    I have been experimenting with co2 extract for bittering purposes and noticed at the end of the brew there are many dark specks on the side of the kettle. I tried dissolving the oil in strong alcohol and warming it up and introducing it slowly. Non of these techniques seemed to work. Any...
  2. snarf7

    Mid and late hop additions - how much flavor vs bitterness?

    OK, so I've had good success using high AA hop choices @ 60mins (Summit, Magnum, Simocoe) and then saving my more typical flavor hops for late in the boil or after flameout (Citra, Cascade, Wilamette, etc) but is there any science to this? Like how much flavor am I getting @ 30min? 20min? 10min...
  3. piojo

    Are yarrow and meadowsweet interchangeable?

    A batch of mead was too sour, so my friend and I backsweetened it. When the sourness was reduced, it was too sweet. We added a tea made from meadowsweet (7 g boiled in 200 mL of water) and it nicely reduced the impact of the extra honey. We also made a similar tea from yarrow, but didn't end up...
  4. Nate R

    Can you add bittering hops in a secondary?

    Hello all. Have a batch that is a touch on the sweet side. (American wheat style). I don't think i boiled enough bittering hops to balance it. I would like to save this batch if possible. My goal was for a hoppy wheat- so it could stand some more aroma hop flavor too. Is it possible to add...
  5. B

    extremely bitter brown ale

    I may have brewed my first bad batch here... I am hoping that it can still be saved and am looking for suggestions. Basically the beer tastes extremely bitter and did so coming straight out of the kettle. I kegged it three days ago after I had it fermented at 70F for about 15 days and it's still...
  6. Nebraskan

    Long boil for bittering from hops

    If you boil hops long, say 50-60 minutes for the bittering, and you are making a German style lager like Munich Dunkel, would you necessarily have to use lower alpha Hallertau Hops for the bittering or could you use higher alpha acid hops like Cascade? I know Cascade provide a different profile...
  7. M

    Bittering hops - how much does it matter which variety?

    I am getting ready to brew a couple of large batches - a tripel and a dubbel. These will both require relatively small quantities of noble hops. These are expensive ingredients. And, I have quite a bit of cascade in the freezer... The Belgian boils are 90 minutes. Does it matter what...