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  1. H

    How to make my beer less bitter after brewing

    I recently brewed up some pale ale and the taste came out more bitter than expected. The beer is definitely drinkable but I would enjoy it much more if it was a little less bitter. What are some solutions to this problem?
  2. J

    American IPA Imminent Rueage American IPA

    This is a pretty basic, Old School West Coast American IPA, inspired by the greats, like Humalupalicious. This beer hasn't been through any competitions but my wife and I love it, (my wife is very particular about beer so I feel that this beer was very successful!) Ca 72, Mg 11, Na 11, Cl 60...
  3. marchio-93

    Different hops for a Best Bitter

    Hello everyone! I wanted to ask you a few questions about this "Manchester Bitter" recipe that I found. 20L Maris Otter 94% Caramalt 4% Crystal 150 2% a bit of Herkules for 60' E.K. Golding for 15' 1 oz Motueka Flame out for 20' 1 oz Waimea Flame out for 20' Caramalt is not available from me...
  4. 4lejandrito

    Unwanted Bitterness on Beer

    Hi everyone!, This is my first post on the Forum, but i I've been reading and learning from this community for a while now. I wolud like to say thanks you all people!! Keep up the good work!!. My situation is this: I've cooked a 2,5 gallons IPA. It Finished fermentation after 2 weeks in a small...
  5. DanInSydney

    How to improve mouthfeel prior to bottle conditioning?

    Hi all. This is my first time brewing (and posting)! I used a Morgan’s Australian Bitter Wort extract/yeast pack and added 1kg enhancer to the mix, as per the instructions. I’ve left it for 2 weeks, which is much longer than the 5 days recommended on the can so I could get to a stable final...
  6. R

    Bitter taste

    Hi everyone! I'm not a beginner in making mead but everytime I make it even after a lot of months and years of aging and with different yeasts or type of honeys and quantities I always have a bitter taste on my meads. The only thing they have in common is that I can't filter them properly so...
  7. C

    I used 2oz of 10+% AA hops in the boil and my beer is NOT bitter - Help?

    I have been having the same issue with my home brews from day one - almost Zero perceived hop bitterness. I have tried boiling longer, harder, cooler, shorter, dry hop, whirlpool, you name in and still I sit here with a beer that is good but not great. I am finally of the opinion that my water...
  8. Bobcat

    Olive Taste and Smell in my beer?

    Hey, I tried looking around for an explanation is similar threads, but the only useful answer I could find was possible oxidization... One person said old hops, but I doubt that's the case for me at least. Another said that it may have come out of primary too early. Does anyone else have any...
  9. B

    extremely bitter brown ale

    I may have brewed my first bad batch here... I am hoping that it can still be saved and am looking for suggestions. Basically the beer tastes extremely bitter and did so coming straight out of the kettle. I kegged it three days ago after I had it fermented at 70F for about 15 days and it's still...
  10. Aestiva

    Why would this belgian become really bitter?!

    So I brewed the Brewers Best Belgian Tripel. My O.G. was 1.070, a little less than desired, but I thought not enough to cause an issue. I pitched the supplied yeast which I had started in one cup of cooled wort. I put it away at about 70deg. It cooled by the am to about 65deg. By three...
  11. Blauvelt

    Dandelion Unhopped Ale

    has anyone brewed a beer with just dandelions for preservative/ bittering herb? I was looking at making a nice light beer from the last running's of an all Maris Otter malt barley wine. I also wanted to only use dandelions as the only herb but I have no idea if they will give a tasty bitter...