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  1. duelerx

    List of yeasts that do biotransformation

    Any one know a list of ale yeast that can do biotransformation of hop oils?, i know few yeast as US-05 is know for not biotransforming.
  2. snarf7

    Timing Dry Hops in Double IPA

    This is my first time making a DIPA and I actually slightly overshot my OG so it's gonna be a whopper (9.75% predicted ABV). It's been in the fermenter since Monday and once it got going it really took off. I'm still getting a bubble in the airlock every 5secs so the yeast is chugging away at...
  3. beervoid

    My theory and experience with Biotransformation of dry hops in a NEIPA.

    Hello everyone, Allow me to share some thoughts and speculations for you to consider and hopefully add to my hypothesis. I've been mainly brewing New England style IPA's this year and have been testing out all kinds of factors. I've done both dry hopping during active fermentation and after...