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    First Time Using 100% RO water on Bru'n Water

    Hi all - I'm brewing up a 5 gallon light bodied IPA using 100% RO water in both the mash (3.9 gallons) and the sparge (5.1 gallons). I selected the Pale Ale water profile off of Bru'n Water because it says its good for hoppy beers. The exact profile is: Cal: 140 Mg: 18 Na: 25 SO4: 300 Cl: 55...
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    brewing with very hard water - reducing bicarbonate

    I live in an area with very hard water, bicarbonate level is about 498ppm. Other salts make the water fairly similar to burton water I have had success with darker beers, brown ales porters etc, but never had as much success with pale ales, and am quite new to looking at the water chemistry...