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  1. N9BOW

    3 in 1 BIAC vs doing this all over again but electric this time

    Hello, Its been a while since I have been active on here.. I mostly lurk. I am not new to all grain but I am (will be) new to electric brewing. I built this home brew system and sold it on here in 2014. Looking to now "Buy" an All-In-One BIAC system I am now starting to settle into my new...
  2. Jomini

    New e-BIAC Unitank (Brau Supply)

    Industry News: I was informed by Steven at Brau Supply (Vancouver) that their new product offering; their all-in-one [mash/boil/ferment (15psi)/brite/serve] is now on offer. The brewing gadget has a jacketed design for cooling. Brau Supply link...