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biab basket keggle

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  1. Kris Brew

    New Equipment Build/Mods

    Hi all, Soo, I have just been gifted some new equipment, I have an ACE 30l 2.5kw hot water boiler which has been adapted with a half inch ball tap and a false bottom. Plus a peco mash bucket which I plan for my sparge water. I want to make this recirculating for the mash with a 12v DC pump...
  2. ScubaSteve

    If you BIAB...

    What size vessel are you using, and what kind of beers are you making? I've read BobbyM's thread about mashtun size (thanks Bobby) but since BIAB uses the full volume, it doesn't completely translate. I'm interested in what the BIAB elite have to say :D I plan on doing the Brew in a...