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  1. wolfareno

    Arizona FS: Starter Equipment

    I'm getting out of the game, friends. I make wine occasionally, but no more beer. Everything is in great shape with normal wear and tear. Pick up only near Tucson, AZ. I could maybe deliver for a fee, but not interested in shipping. Thanks for looking. - 10 Gal Rubbermaid mash tun with...
  2. J

    For Sale $20-Insulated fermentation chamber, with Better Bottle and airlock--Baltimore City

    Hi, I have a homemade temperature controlled fermentation chamber, which holds up to 4 fermentation buckets or carboys. It comes with the pictured Better Bottle carboy and airlock, $20 takes everything. Local pickup only in Baltimore city, near Patterson Park. It has a Mypin TA4 temperature...
  3. str1p3s

    Kettle, Carboys, Bottle Tree, Thermometer - Southern Ohio

    6 gallon Better Bottle carboy, minor dents - $25 ($38 on Amazon) 5 gallon glass carboy, gallons marked with tape - $30 ($40 on Amazon) Bottle tree (will hold 45 bottles) - $25 ($30 on Amazon) MoreBeer brand kettle weldless thermometer, 6" stem - $30 ($35 on 8 gallon stainless steel...
  4. W

    Black spots inside better bottle

    Hey everyone So , back in 2014-15 i was really into Homebrewing mead , skeeter pee and diy coopers kits. Then wife got pregnant and so i took a break from homebrewing up until now. so basically 4 years. I left all my equipment stored away. Including 3 - 3gallon better bottle carboys. i...
  5. runningweird

    WTB: better bottles

    looking for plastic better bottles to buy, will pay shipping or local pickup located in southcentral pa, greencastle PA 17225