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best bitter

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  1. Northern_Brewer

    St Austell recipe for Daylight Robbery (which became Tribute) - from the horse's mouth

    Roger Ryman has dug up the recipe for Daylight Robbery, the beer that he brewed on the 2.5brl kit at St Austell for the 1999 solar eclipse, that evolved into Tribute with the addition of some Styrians. 2.5brl is 108 US gallons or 409 litres, so multiply by 0.046 to get to 5 US gallons. Hmm -...
  2. N

    Best Bitter House Bitter

    This is a variant of a recipe I've brewed many times, and is one of my favorites. Yes, it's hoppy for the style, and the timing of the additions doesn't really line up with a classic English recipe, but I think it ends up being pretty delicious. 75% efficiency I adjust my local water to style...