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  1. Kekshiukaz

    Bentonite + bottle carbonation?

    Hey, I made hard cider and planning to use bentonite to clearify it. Also thinking about bottle carbonation. My question is: Does bentonite affect bottle carbonation and is it possible at all?
  2. HonestlyJely

    Bentonite before or after Fermentation?

    Hi! So I'm coming up with my first mead recipe / process and am thinking I might use Bentonite AND Sparklloid to help me mead clear quickly. According to many winemakers online they like to add Bentonite to their must so that it circulates during primary fermentation. (They do caution to not...
  3. Michael L Collins

    Adding bentonite after first fermentation

    I started a new project about a week ago, my first time using whole fruit. I’ll put a list of ingredients below. It’s a Peach and Strawberry wine. I used frozen peaches and strawberries from a grocery store (Giant Eagle) in a two-gallon bucket with a crushed Campden tablet, pectic enzymes...
  4. J

    I have a question.

    Hello all. First thread, but I’ve been lurking for a while. Barely started making mead, about 3 months, loosely following recipes and experimenting, it’s been good fun. Now I have a question. I’m revisiting my first recipe, a spiced apple mead (Cyser?), with new knowledge and proper...
  5. M

    Bentonite Question

    Started my first mead a little over two weeks ago. While continuing to read up I realized I should have added the bentonite when fermentation started. I've purchased some but it's at 1.003 now, could I just sprinkle some in and get a little benefit in primary, should I just wait until...
  6. Scientific hippie

    My first kit

    OK, the temperature in our basement has stabilized, and we're getting a new fridge soon, so I did my first kit, a 1 gal Winexpert pinot noir. Lessons learned: 1. Bentonite is like concrete. If you do not add it while stirring, it makes a lump on the bottom of the jug and you have to shake it...