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  1. fishbowlbrewco

    White floater questions (and pics) for 8 month Belgian Dark Strong Ferment

    Hey Y’all. We’ve got a situation and I’m not sure what our next steps should be. We’ve got our Belgian dark strong which was brewed 8 months ago. It had a pretty slow ferment. Started at 1.114 OG and got down to 1.040 after 3 months. So, I transferred it into new sanitized and co2 purged...
  2. Arbe0


    I am about to try out the Westvleteren 12 with candi syrup (D-180). Many people have suggested putting the D-180 in at the last of the boil, If I do this should I figure my mash water to only be using the Pilsner and Pale malts or should I include the D-180 even though I am using it in the boil...