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    Fruit wine 23%??

    I recently brewed a batch of Strawberry Wine. I was hoping to end up with a nice dessert wine flavor. OG 1.08 I knew it hadn't turn out as I had hoped when my FG reading was 0.90. Somehow it became very dry and had a very strong alcohol flavor to it. I had let it ferment for 4 months (I've...
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    Lessons Learned: My First Year in Home Brewing

    My home brewing story starts simply enough. One summer afternoon, a friend invited us over to grill some burgers and enjoy a few beers on his back patio. What I didn't know was that the beers we'd be drinking a Hefeweizen and an amber ale were made right there in his backyard. From that first...
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    How did you Start Brewing?

    So, what made you decide to start home brewing? I think it all began swigging Lowenbrau with a high school friend under an overpass in Ocean City. Well, maybe that wasn't it but in the early 80's, a pair of dirty work jeans and a ball cap is all you needed in the way of ID. I was taught to...
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    To the New Brewer - How Excellent Mentorship Sparked My Love for Brewing

    A year ago, I had no idea how beer, whiskey, or wine were made. Nor did I really care. All I knew was that, come the typical Saturday night, my wife and I were likely visiting our local supermarket to pick up a six-pack of Miller Light and a bottle of Menage-a-Trois cabernet to share with...
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    BIAB Brewing Primer for Beginners

    Brew -in-a-bag (BIAB) is a full-volume, all-grain brewing process using a single kettle. The appeal of BIAB brewing to me is the great quality beer that you can make using a very simple process. In fact, if you stick with the basics, you could start brewing BIAB without ever brewing extract. So...