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  1. T

    Mead has been fermenting for almost 2 months and is only at 6% ABV

    Hello everyone! I am making mead for the first time and using a recipe I found online. The mead had an initial gravity of 1.116 when I started it in early December and now that it has been about 2 months the specific gravity has only gotten down to 1.07. It is being kept in the basement, so it...
  2. T

    Help for new brewer please!!! (Wheat beer)

    Before I start, I am very new to this. This is my 3rd ever brew, 1st being without a kit... So I've just started my latest brew - 1.8kg of Wilko limited edition Wheat Beer extract, 1kg brewing sugar, 500g light DME, 20 litres of water. Regular temp between 19-20C. OG was 1.046 and its been...
  3. Daeaye

    Beginner's Mead, First Homebrew

    Hey guys, I want to make my first mead but I'm new to homebrewing. I've read up plenty but I wondered if anyone had any tips to share from their experience - even ones that might seem "obvious" - regarding materials, times, yeasts and ingredients. Everything, really. Things I've read seem to...
  4. I

    New to kegging. What size CO2 cylinder should I get?

    As the title states, I am just buying up ball lock corny kegs in my area. I've got two of them and all the gaskets are fantastic and they hold pressure. I bought a set of gaskets to replace them if they didn't. I have a 5 gal. fermenter on deck that'll be ready to keg in a couple of days and...
  5. R

    Mead is fermenting in secondary after resting for 3 months

    Hello, A few months ago i made a basic spiced mead. Fermentation stopped months ago and it’s been aging off the lees in a carboy since then. Recently it’s started bubbling and I noticed a small amount of scum on top. It smells fine. Is my mead in trouble?
  6. D

    Three Areas of Consideration When Expanding Your Home Brewery.

    Are you totally obsessed with brewing? Are you ready to expand your homebrew operation past the beginner stages? In that case, you’ll want to seriously consider three areas of your procedure: milling, fermenting and bottling. Expanding Your Home Brewery: Milling A grain mill is one piece of...
  7. C

    Five Awesome Beginner Recipes for BIAB

    If you've frequented any online homebrewing forums in the past few years, you've undoubtedly noticed the increasing popularity of Brew In A Bag, or BIAB. This method of one vessel, no sparge brewing leads to a much simpler brew day with less time spent on the mash and sparge as well as fewer...
  8. M

    Myths and Surprises in Homebrewing

    It has been a year since I started brewing my own beer. In that time, I went from extract to all-grain, learned how to keg my beer, built a keezer, bought and used a fermentation chamber, installed an RO filter for water, and learned how to manage water additions, along with a host of other...
  9. K

    6 Beginner Beer Recipes and Styles

    We find ourselves in a golden era of beer. There are more breweries open in the United States than ever before, with more and more opening every day. Countless styles and amazing quality are at our fingertips, and tips of our tongues, in nearly every city in the country. As homebrewers, this...
  10. W

    Homebrewing Year One: Equipment and Labels

    I started homebrewing early in 2016 with no knowledge and with what a store owner told me was "everything I needed." With every batch I brewed, I made mistakes, sought out more advice, and acquired more equipment. Now, after nine batches, I finally feel confident that when I invest time on brew...